competition entry, 2018


in collaboration with Florian Fend


The canal is a vibrant space that gives a lot of quality to it's neighboorhood and visitors. It’s space to hang out, to do sports and for some people even there home on the boats. At the same time it divides the neighboorhood and drives the way of how people experience the adjasent parts of the city.


We wanted to use the flexibility of the boat to move and activate places along the whole length of the canal. The design as a flexible system that consists out of inflatable pixels that can create different programms and be easily assembled and transported. They can form a terrace shaped platform, that extends the limited depth of the sidewalk and can be used for visitor to enjoy the sun.

It can be a bridge that connects directly to a building, that is suddelny approached an experienced in a different way. The bridge can also connect two sides of the canal and activate a new area that was umständlich to approach before.


The boat functions as a temporary storage and transporter to bring the pixels into a new location. At the same time it is a breakout space with furniture made from the same principle that the pixels floating in the water.