about this project:


karlsgarten competition 2014, honorable mention

exhibited in the kunsthalle am karlsplatz vienna


this project was part of a competition, for new farming areas at karlsplatz, vienna. the project should work as an elevated garden. on the same hand it functions as a bridge and creates a new walkway system. now pedestrian struggle with complicated ways due to the enormous cross roads and traffic. as  parts of the project are lifted, the green areas gain more sunlight. at the same time the visitor experiences new views and landscapes above the level of traffic and asphalt. the network consist of elements that can be adapted :  farming areas for professional farming; smaller farming spaces that fill up the inbetween spaces and can be rented and shared; circulation space that serve as access for the farmers and as walkway for the public; joints that work as additional vertikal connections and provide water supply and tanks.